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Hwy US-54 Pratt County, KS (Koss #55 and Kingman County, KS (Koss #65)

Hwy US- 54 Pratt County - Kingman County

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These two projects were located in Pratt County and Kingman County, Kansas. The Pratt side of the project was the first project that Koss Construction started. It was designed to take a 4.3 mile, two lane stretch of US -54 by Cairo, Kansas and turn it into a four lane closed access highway. The project included two concrete beam span bridges and seven reinforced concrete box bridges. These lanes included 9.5” of Concrete Pavement that was installed over 4” of cement treated base over 6” of cement treated subgrade. In the summer of 2009 the eastbound lanes were constructed while traffic continued to use the existing US-54. A detour was used in order to complete the new bridge that was installed over 190th Ave. An overpass at 130th Ave. was constructed during this season as well. In the spring of 2010 Koss Construction was awarded the Kingman County portion of the project that was attached to the east end of the Pratt project. This project consisted of a bypass around the town of Cunningham,KS. The grading and bridge construction portion of the project was completed under a separate contract. With the addition of the 5.8 miles of new alignment, Koss Construction decided to work with the Kansas Department of Transportation in order to get an earlier notice to proceed on this portion so that the work would coincide with the work that was done on the second half of the Pratt County Project. In August 2010 work started on the second half of the Pratt County job. With an aggressive schedule the Pratt job was completed and Koss moved on to the 4-lane bypass portion of the Kingman job. This portion included 264,725 SY of PCCP, 199,581 SY of cement treated base, and finally 94,338 SY of granular shoulder base. Koss worked with KDOT to accelerate the schedule in order to try to have traffic on the new alignment by Dec 2010. Koss had all the paving completed in three months and both projects were ready to open to traffic by December 2010. KDOT decided that they wanted to wait till after the winter season to put traffic on the new road and in the spring of 2011. The traveling public could now bypass the town of Cunningham and utilize the new stretch of US-54. Only items remaining on the contract was a new overhead bridge, patch an existing bridge, and paving a mile on the west bound mainline. Koss finished the last 30,000 square yards of pavement in early July. Bridge crews completed their work in late fall as traffic was switched to fully access all four lanes on December 1, 2011.

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