I-35, Kay County, Oklahoma (Koss #935)

Commencing in June of 2009 and completed in November of 2010, this ARRA funded stimulus project, composed of a 4.9 mile base project and an awarded 1.9 mile add-alternate option, is located in northern Kay County, Oklahoma, five miles south of the Kansas state line. Highly unstable soils, unresponsive to cementitous stabilization, forced Koss Construction Company and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation engineers to partner on a complete redesign and implement three different typical sections to complete construction. Koss placed 122,800 tons of aggregate base, 425,200 SY of geo-textile materials and 179,225 tons of HMA to construct the new designs. Every segment of the new asphalt pavement qualified for smoothness incentives with the project attaining an average profile index less than 0.7 inches per mile.  n addition, the project pavement qualified for an additional bonus for consistently smooth pavement, a testament to the work ethic and pride displayed everyday on this most challenging of asphalt projects.

Kay County