Hwy K-61, McPherson County, Kansas (Koss #60 & #61)

Completed in November of 2011, these two projects span approximately 14.5 miles from the Reno / McPherson County line to just north of K-153. This reconstruction / realignment of K-61 consisted of over 720,000 combined SY of pavement. The roadway consisted of (2) 12’ driving lanes, along with 6’ and 10’ shoulders. The driving lanes were constructed of 8.5” NRDJ pavement, while the shoulders were constructed of 6” pavement. The driving lanes rested on 4” of granular base, and 6” of lime stabilized sub-grade.

McPherson County

In August of 2010, Koss began paving operations. All 720,000+ SY of pavement were completed by mid-October of 2011. In order to complete this large undertaking in such short order, (2) RexCon 12 CY Model S batch plants were utilized. Together, the projects included 5 at-grade intersections, 2 interchanges, and 1 overpass. Prior to the new construction, this stretch of highway was a heavily traveled and dangerous 2-lane roadway. Existing at-grade intersections were difficult to navigate due to the sharp approach angles. The new at-grade intersections have been reconfigured to allow for a near perpendicular approach to K-61. With the completion of these projects, the traveling public can now enjoy 4-lane travel from the Reno / McPherson County line to I-135.