Allen County

US-54 Allen County, Kansas (Koss #82)

In the fall of 2014, Koss completed the reconstruction of US-54 in Allen County. The five miles of four lane included one bridge repair with overlay and the intersecting traffic of US-169. A primarily urban project had six phases with 164 access points including house entrances, side roads and businesses spanning the three cities of Iola, Gas, and Leharpe. The reconstruction consisted of 159,679 square yards of 9” NRDJ over 4” of Granular Base that had been placed on Geosynthetic Reinforcement. A total of 13,898 feet of new Curb and Gutter along with 74 storm sewer inlets were placed between the new pavement and the fescue sod to finish the reconstruction.


The project started in June of 2013 with the construction of westbound lanes in Phase I & III. It consisted of the existing pavement being rubbelized and removed along with the existing granular base being reclaimed and hauled to Yates Center, KS as a salvaged material for KDOT’s later use. Numerous crossovers were used in the paved median to maintain two-way traffic. The median had shown signs of fatigue and failure resulting in 1,309 square yards of full depth patching and 1,237 square yards of partial depth patching. The businesses and land owners throughout the project played an active part in the timely completion of the concrete placement. Phase I and III, both eastbound and westbound, were completed by December leaving the bridge repair and Phase II to be finished after a winter suspension.

March of 2014, work resumed with the pavement removal and bridge repairs commencing simultaneously. Pavement placement began in May and the road was open to unrestricted traffic by October. Through coordination and partnering with the Kansas Department of Transportation, city officials, residents and business owners, this project was constructed with quality that all parties were proud to be involved in.

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