Koss 89-Monroe County

Monroe County, Arkansas (Koss #89)

The Monroe County, AR project was designed to overlay the existing PCCP with 12 inches of new concrete pavement. The overlay is designed to withstand the growth of traffic, mostly semi-trucks, going through this corridor until the year 2034. The project limits only 4 miles long, consisted of 16 lane miles and shoulders of new concrete surface.

 With the vast amount of traffic driving through the project daily, the one lane traffic would almost come to a complete stop during the daytime.  Koss setup two concrete plants, one at each end of the project. This allowed our batch trucks to deliver the concrete to the paver in a safe and timely manner.

The concrete was produced by Koss Construction using two mobile Rexcon plants with two different types of aggregates in the mix design. Our quality control department continually tested the concrete produced, to ensure a quality road is built. Koss Construction produced over 76,000 cubic yards of concrete and paved over 212,000 square yards of mainline, shoulders, and temporary cross overs. While this project provided some challenges for Koss and the owners to overcome, the project was completed nine days ahead of schedule.