Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement (RCC)

Koss Construction Company offers high quality Portland cement roller compacted concrete pavement throughout the Midwest. As a nationwide leader in the concrete paving industry, we are committed to constructing durable, sustainable and smooth roller-compacted concrete pavements for a variety of applications. This product has proven a viable and very cost effective alternate to hot-mixed asphalt pavements and even traditional concrete pavements.

RCC consists of the same fundamental ingredients as conventional concrete: cement, aggregates and water. However, unlike conventional concrete, RCC is constructed with minimal joints. Also, it needs neither forms nor finishing. It does not contain dowels or steel reinforcement.

These traits make RCC simple, fast and economical. Today, RCC is used for any type of industrial or heavy-duty pavement. RCC has the strength of concrete and the economy and simplicity of asphalt. Along with long service and low maintenance, RCC’s low initial cost adds up to economy and value.

The superior strength of RCC pavement eliminates regular and costly problems usually associated with asphalt pavement. RCC pavement:

  • Resists rutting
  • Will not deform under heavy, concentrated loads
  • Will not soften under high temperature
  • Does not deteriorate from petroleum based products
  • Spans soft localized sub grades

Compaction is the most important step in the construction process. It provides density, strength, smoothness and surface texture. Immediately after placement, compaction begins and continues until the pavement meets density requirements. A curing compound is then sprayed to allow proper curing for the concrete.

When appearance is significant, joints can be saw cut into the RCC to control crack location. However, if budget outweighs appearance, the RCC is allowed to crack naturally. The aggregate interlock keeps the concrete in place.

When cured, the pavement is ready for use, often the next day.

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